Thursday, 24 May 2012

Baking disaster

I love baking (not so much the clearing up...) but haven't been able to do much lately. One Friday I decided to make Jemima some cone cupcakes before she got home from nursery and we could do the icing together before Daddy got home from work.  That was the plan...

I had made these a few weeks before when Candy, Mark and the kids were over but this time I was lazy and just thought I would try and do them without supporting them in the oven with foil around the base of each of them (a lot of faff!!).  MASSIVE MISTAKE!!
 The cake batter went all over the oven and has stuck on like superglue!! I didnt like good cake to go to waste so decided to try and see if it was any good for cake pops... I trashed the cones taking out all the cake, mixed it up with icing, rolled them into balls and left them to set in the fridge.

I still haven't perfected the melting of candy melts to go over the top (I can't get it to be fluid enough) but no-one has complained as yet... Finish product were LOVED by Gary and Jemima!!

Jemima keeps asking for them, I would make them more often if they weren't so much hard work!  Special occasions or disaster avoidance only!!

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