Monday, 4 February 2013

Update to 100 days & bits

Most of you will be shocked to hear that I am actually doing very well on the 100 days no spending :-). I have been avoiding all my usual places for wasting money like comics, clothes and bits for Jemima, if you could see her wardrobe you would see she doesn't need any new clothes!!

I haven't stopped spending altogether but I have only been buying things we definitely need, Mima got a new car seat this week and her new travel bed is arriving next week...  She is going for a sleepover at Nannys on the 22nd so that Gary and I can go to London for a concert :-)))) (booked before 100 days by the way!!!)

Business update: we have someone building our website for us now as well as someone creating our logo for the company.  First drafts of the logo are in and I am looking forward to the second lot this week.  Once the logo is ready I can order the bracelets from China and the website can move forward too. These are some of my tag samples I got this week...

I am getting very excited as my Sis is coming home 2 weeks today!!! She is only home for 6 weeks before she moves off to her new home in Bucharest, I think my 100 days no spending will be put to the test then!!!

Gary's out on his bike at the mo while Mima and I having a quiet morning, she is baking me a pretend cake in her kitchen whilst also screeching out a tune on her piano and microphone every 5 mins. 
Gary is training for the Rocketman half Ironman on the 5th May in Florida, I get a holiday and he gets to do his mental sport, just the way I like it...
Lets hope he comes home not looking like he did a couple of weeks ago...

Nics xxxx

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