Monday, 6 December 2010

Kenya - Last couple of days

I tried not to think about going home just yet I wanted to enjoy my last day with the Birds, we spent the morning painting pictures with Jacks feet. We did M&M's when Jack was asleep a bit later as he wanted to help and I think it could have ended in a bit of a disaster, as it was it was a bit of a military operation with just Candy and I trying to get 2 four month old babies to do feet painting!

Kenya 26-11 (6)Feet
In the afternoon after finishing off a join effort Carrot Cake we went to a friend of Candy's for a get together with a few craft stalls which was lovely, the carrot cake went down very well and disappeared fast.  Mark joined us later and we headed off for dinner through rush hour Nairobi traffic :-( We got to our restaurant only to find out it wasn't open for another hour, we headed off to another cause it would not have been easy entertaining Jack and M&M for that long.  Unfortunately the next one was closed too so it was back home for a Chinese takeaway instead and feet up on the couch :-)

Kenya 26-11 (1)Kenya 26-11 (3)Kenya 26-11 (17)Kenya 26-11 (18)Kenya 26-11 (19)Kenya 26-11 (20)Kenya 26-11 (22)Kenya 26-11 (25)Kenya 26-11 (26)Kenya 26-11 (27)Kenya 26-11 (29)Kenya 26-11 (31)Kenya 26-11 (38)

Saturday morning Mima woke early so I headed off downstairs picking up Jack on the way for breakfast. It was lovely giving jack his breakie for the last time and Mima sat happily watching her cousin from the bouncy chair. After all the bottles and food was ready for the journey I packed up all our bits while Mima stayed downstairs with Candy and Mark.
After a very sad goodbye to Jack, Millie and Mark, Candy and I set off for the airport in the rubbish Nairobi traffic again, even on a Saturday morning it is bad!  The highlight of our trip  was not the fact that we nearly ended up in the middle of a taxi sandwich but the guy asleep in the rubbish truck, seriously!!!!  Needless to say there we enough tears at the airport for Candy and I to clear droughts in some countries but not so bad as it won't be so long this time before we see each other.
We had a good flight home, unfortunately there were no sky cots available for babies so Mima ended up in what I can only describe as her own little throne on the seat next to me made out of lots of pillows and covered in a blanket.  Everyone who walked past commented on how she looked like she had the best seat on the plane! The only bit that was a pain was every time the fasten seatbelt sign came on she had to sit on my lap and of course every time it happened to be when she was asleep!

Kenya 27-11 (6)Kenya 27-11 (8)Kenya 27-11 (9)Kenya 27-11 (11)

Gary was at the airport to meet us and I think he definitely missed us both loads as we did him.


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