Friday, 3 December 2010

Kenya–Giraffe Sanctuary

Well of course everyone will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE giraffes. Luckily for me Nairobi happens to have lots of them <3 We went out to a place just outside Nairobi where you can touch and feed them. This was Mima's first experience and she came very close to them in her sling while I fed them, not sure what she must have thought...

Kenya 18-11 (9)Kenya 18-11 (10)Kenya 18-11 (26)Kenya 18-11 (17)Kenya 18-11 (22)alt

On the way back we stopped at a lovely restaurant and had very yummy food (we were all very healthy and had a salad, probably the only time the whole holiday come to think of it!).

Kenya 18-11 (55)

Kenya 18-11 (46)  Kenya 18-11 (87)

Kenya 18-11 (56)

Both Mima and Millie (from now on refered to as M&M) were brilliant in the car as we traipsed them round the whole holiday and we went on some really rough roads!!! Many photo's of the two of them in their carseats asleep together, although most of the time they were on opposite cycles so while one fed the other didn't and the same for sleep.

Kenya 18-11 (64)  Kenya 18-11 (96)Kenya 18-11 (76)Kenya 18-11 (84)  Kenya 18-11 (88)

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