Saturday, 4 December 2010


We were booked into a place called Malu for the weekend, which was just lovely! The road to get there however not so good! It was about 30/40 minutes of REALLY bumpy roads and as it had recently been raining some nice big mud puddles. Candy and I had M&M with us and Mark and Gary had Jack. M&M were fantastic on the bumpy road, never heard a peep from them at all, in fact they slept better the bumpier the road.

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Our cottage was beautiful, 2 bedrooms and a shared lounge area, a little area big enough for us to do the baby bottle sterilising which was good. No kitchen as we were eating at the main clubhouse area.

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Unfortunately we had a power cut just after we got there and it lasted quite a while, we even had to go for dinner in the clubhouse in the dark. Mark however found this fab as he could use his head torch, silver lining for him! Dinner was lovely and although romantic with the powercut and just 2 candles on the table not ideal for a 2 year old trying to eat chocolate pudding!! Needless to say it didn't end well, not sure if it was Candy or Jack who had the most over them...

Whilst reading the welcome booklet in our cottage it said that the dogs on the property were likely to follow us around but could we please make sure they were returned to the main house in case they get attacked by the leopards! We found this rather amusing as we were not advised what to do ourselves should we see the leopard!!!

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It turned out that the scariest thing we saw on the weekend was a huntsman spider, now you could say I am just a little phobic (OK a lot!!) of spiders but this one even made Mark and Gary think twice. It was on the wing mirror of the car and it was UGLY! Mark tried to get it off with a stick but it crawled behind the mirror, after much prodding he managed to get it out and flicked it onto the floor, I am sure it then scurried away and lived happily ever after with it's family but as it was dark it could have been squashed when we drove away! Oh well! ((This picture is not the one of our spider but one the same, picture from internet))


We decided to spend the Saturday just relaxing around the cottage and it turned out great, M&M lay about on the big sofas and Jack got to go on a Donkey ride and go exploring in the bush with Gary. Jack had an early dinner and babysitter for the evening and the rest of us went for a lovely dinner in the clubhouse. The food the whole weekend was fab and I got to try some new things I wouldn't have normally.

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