Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kenya–Bits and Pieces

Monday - Gary's last day :-(

While Jack was at school we went for a lovely breakfast and Candy took us shopping to get an idea of what their idea of a supermarket is, the prices are much higher than the UK for the same products. We bought a couple of bits but nothing spectacular, I now know what Candy means when she says she misses Tesco!
Dinner that night was at a Brazilian Steak House called Fogo Gaucho ( This is by far the best meal out G&I have had in ages, the concept is a choice of about 20 different salads and then the meat is brought round to your table in skewers where they slice it for you there and then. They had every cut of meat including ribs and sausages as well as crocodile, fish and prawns. Let's just say we came out feeling VERY full, every time I thought I had had enough they would bring round something else and I thought one more little piece couldn't hurt surely!  ((Not great pictures but you get the idea))

Kenya 22-11 (5)Kenya 22-11 (13)Kenya 22-11 (32)Kenya 22-11 (33)Kenya 22-11 (36)

Tuesday was a quiet day, had to say goodbye to Gary as he had to get back home for work :-( Candy and I ended up in the car from home to the airport and back for 3.5 hours the traffic was particularly bad.  M&M once again were fantastic with me jumping in the back to feed both at the same time while we were still driving at one point, and also one bum change in the boot at the airport too!! Gary only just made the flight, they had closed checkin when he got there by 1 minute but they let him through, 10 mins later he text me from the plane.  Needless to say wee didn't do much else for the rest of the day as we had all had enough of the car.

Kenya 23-11 (22)Kenya 23-11 (25)Kenya 23-11 (30)Kenya 23-11 (37)Kenya 23-11 (38)Kenya 23-11 (39)Kenya 23-11 (41)Kenya 23-11 (52)Kenya 23-11 (56)

Candy and I headed of to one of the shopping centres for an African market, I managed to buy plenty of Afro-tat spending all of my money and Candy's too. The bartering with the stall owners was quite amusing but then having a local with me did help, she told them what for! There were a few more bits that we wanted but we would have to go back again as we both ran out of money... (I know that will come as a shock to some of you, hehe)

Kenya 24-11 (1)Kenya 24-11 (13)Kenya 24-11 (14)Kenya 24-11 (15)Kenya 24-11 (17)Kenya 24-11 (18)Kenya 26-11 (15)

Jack does not go to school on Thursdays so he got to spend the day with us Girls :-) It was a bit of a squash in the car for us all but with Mima in the front and Me between Jack and Millie it wasn't too bad. Jack was happy to have me next to him and M&M asleep as usual we headed of to the baby group.  I got to meet loads of Candy's friends which was great, she has got some lovely friends which I am sure is a lifeline being so far from home.
After dropping Jack at home for his afternoon nap, we headed off back to the shopping centre to get some lunch and more bits from the African Market that we never got the day before. I was quite restrained even though I am sure I could have spent a fortune on stuff I don't need!
That night Candy, Me and Mima headed off for a Christmas Quiz while Mark stayed home with Millie and Jack.  The quiz was good fun, we came 8th out of 12 and Mima was fab she just sat there and took it all in.

Kenya 25-11 (1)Kenya 25-11 (4)Kenya 25-11 (11)Kenya 25-11 (16)

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