Friday, 3 December 2010

Winstanley’s trip to Kenya

Gary, Mima and I flew out to Kenya to see the Birdies on Tuesday 16th Nov. Mima was brilliant on the flight, she had her bottle on take off and then slept for the rest of the flight, admittedly on me instead of the sky cot after the first lot of turbulance and i had to take her out and belt her to me.
Kenya 16-11 (7)Kenya 16-11 (13)

After a very emotional reunion at the airport with Candy and Mark, we had our very first hello in real life (not Skype) with Beautiful Millie and Candy & Mark finally met Mima!!!

Our first taste of Nairobi traffic was about to begin, Candy and I were in one car following Mark and Gary in the other. Candy and I were nearly taken out by a lorry who then rather hilariously decided to climb over his cab when we had stopped in traffic to shout abuse at us!!! We jut laughed him off and noticed a bit further down the traffic he was doing the same to someone else, think he was having a particularly bad day!

Jack came him from school at about 1 and we had lots of cuddles and then lots of playing in his playroom well me sitting on the beanbag anyway :-). Mima was good as gold and was enjoying all the extra cuddles going around, it was also the beginning of her fascination with Jack who she would follow everywhere excitedly with her eyes and occasionally get smothered with kisses and cuddles

Kenya 17-11 (4)Kenya 17-11 (7)Kenya 17-11 (14)Kenya 17-11 (21)

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